Introductory Sale! Shepherd Press titles available for 99 cents each in Vyrso!

Vyrso: A new way to read Shepherd Press books!

Logos has just made over 30 Shepherd Press titles available in their Vyrso format for ebooks. Vyrso will change the way you read, study and enjoy ebooks! Here are just some key features available in Vyrso:

Linked Bible references

When you tap a Bible reference on your device, Vyrso pulls up the verse text in your preferred Bible translation. This is a wonderful timesaver, allowing you to read the Bible along with your favorite Shepherd Press ebooks. Never before have personal Bible study and leisure reading been so easy!

Highlighting & Notes

Mark and take notes in your ebooks! Vyrso includes highlighting, so you can mark the words that speak loudest to you. Share your favorite quotes with your friends on Facebook, or tweet them to all your followers.

Copy & Paste

Your smart phone and tablet can easily select and copy text, so you can easily save and post meaningful or fun quotes from your favorite Shepherd  Press ebooks. Simply hold your finger on the text you want to copy, move the indicators to select, and touch the option to copy.

Cross-library Search

Vyrso lets you search your entire bookshelf by topic, author, and more. Our cross-library search tool locates the quotes and passages you’re looking for in no time. Just enter your query, and Vyrso will list each place it is referenced in each of your ebooks. No dog-eared pages or misplaced bookmarks; now you can find what you want to read when you want to read it.

Logos is one of the most respected names in Christian Publishing. Shepherd Press is honored to partner with Logos to provide you with the most productive tools available to get the most out of your Shepherd Press reading experience.

This introductory sale is available from now through April 14th. 

Click here to link to the Vyrso page where you can find Shepherd Press titles.

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