Noah and Unstoppable

In the newly released film, Noah, director Darren Aronofsky provides his view of the epic biblical account of evil and the flood. The film opens amidst considerable controversy.  However, even Russell Crowe, who plays Noah in the movie, says the film is a great conversation starter about faith. For Christians, the movie provides an excellent opportunity to talk about issues of evil, judgment and redemption. But how do we begin to have those conversations?

We can be thankful that the producers of Noah are not the only filmmakers to offer a perspective on this powerful biblical narrative. Actually, Kirk Cameron got there first. Last year, Cameron released Unstoppable, a film that addresses the impact of evil in our world. But Unstoppable is not just a retelling of the story of Noah. What Cameron does is to show how the flood fits into the larger question of why is there evil in this world. Unstoppable takes head on the problem of evil as it plays out in Genesis and connects these narratives to our lives right now. Cameron illustrates how Abel’s blood cries out from the ground as Cain fosters a line of wickedness. This is what leads to the massive, epic response of a holy God in the form of the great flood. 

As awesome as the judgment of the flood was, it did not end the problem and attack of evil in our world. Unstoppable shows that it is the cross of Christ that provides the final resolution to understanding the how and why of evil. Unstoppable gives an intimate, biblical view of how we should view the story of Noah. The just released Unstoppable 2.0 is a rich collection of helpful resources to engage others with the truth of the gospel and the problem of evil.

In Noah, Hollywood is talking about sin, evil, and judgment from its own perspective. We, like Noah, live in a time of great evil and darkness. This is an opportunity to talk about the part Hollywood leaves out, the gospel. Unstoppable is one tool that can help you to present truth in discussions about Noah

By God’s grace, let’s make the most of this opportunity to bring the power of the gospel to a dark world in need of Christ. Whether you see Noah or not, people are still struggling with the impact of evil and the bad things that happen in life. People you know will be talking about judgment and the flood. Prepare your family to speak to seize this opportunity.  

Here is the link where you can learn more about Unstoppable and purchase the DVD:

Click here to learn more about Unstoppable and purchase the DVD.

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