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Marijuana and the NY Times: Smoking away our brains

By Dr. Charles Hodges, author of Good Mood Bad Mood I have written often about the perils of the recreational use of marijuana and I cannot resist writing again. The cause for my writing is that the New York Times that has stumbled into the reality that smoking pot does little if any good for those who smoke it. And it has the potential for great harm.[i] In an October 29th article by Abigail Moore titled, “This Is Your Brain on Drugs,” the problems with pot are outlined. The first and most disturbing is that smoking marijuana changes the brain. The nucleus accumbens thickens and among those in the study, the more they smoked the more it thickened. The changes […]

To Sleep, To Dream: Sleep Disordered Breathing & Psychotic Disorders

by Dr. Charles Hodges, Author of Good Mood Bad Mood It is not uncommon today to have patients come to the office with several diagnoses from several physicians. It is just as common for them to be taking several medications prescribed by different providers who do not always know what the other doctor is doing. And, at times it is up to me to help them sort it out as their family physician. I have seen several people who have come to me being treated for adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder who were being treated for obstructive sleep apnea at the same time. Almost always the symptoms of ADHD predate the discovery of the obstructive sleep apnea. Generally neither the sleep […]

Depression & Sleep: Should we blame Edison or ourselves

By Dr. Charles Hodges  Author of Good Mood Bad Mood Light bulbs have become a modest fixation for me. I hate anything that approaches fluorescence with a passion. I grew up in an incandescent world courtesy of one of the world’s greatest inventors Thomas Edison. And, frankly I would have preferred to finish under the somewhat golden light of a glowing filament. Thanks to a government that outlawed my favorite light source, I have become a hoarder of incandescent bulbs.  By now you are wondering what depression has to do with light bulbs and Tom Edison. The answer is that Edison made it economically practical to stay up long after dark. Our bodies are made to cycle up when the sun […]

Grief and Anxiety: Diseases or Not?

Here is the latest entry of Dr. Charles Hodges’s blog. Dr. Hodges is the author of Good Mood, Bad Mood: Help and Hope for Depression and Bipolar Disorder.  In this blog post, he cites a leading British Professor, Peter Kinderman,  who comments about new findings in the psychological community regarding grief and anxiety. Since these issues touch so many, these are important matters to consider. Dr. Hodges has done a tremendous service in bringing the light of Scripture to bear on a problem where the secular medical community is finding more problems than solutions. [hr] Grief and Anxiety: Diseases or Not? by Dr. Charles Hodges A little more than two months ago, Peter Kinderman wrote an editorial for BBC News Health […]

Five Authors Featured in IBCD’s Top Ten Podcast Episodes

We are thankful for the work that the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship is doing, and we were happy to learn that five of our authors have been featured in IBCD’s top ten most popular podcast episodes during this past year. They are: Shannon Kay McCoy, author of Help! I’m a Slave to Food Scott Mehl, author of Loving Messy People Dr. Charles Hodges, author of Good Mood, Bad Mood Nate Brooks & Anna Mondal, authors of Help! Our Sex Life Is Troubled by Past Abuse See the whole top-ten list and listen to the podcasts at IBCD’s website.