Parents, what does your marriage say about Jesus Christ?

Marriage is not of human origin. It did not evolve over time. Marriage became part of the human equation from the very moment of man’s creation. When Paul speaks of marriage as a one flesh relationship he says this refers to Christ and the church. Marriage is not an after-thought in man’s social development. Rather, it is designed to picture the relationship Jesus Christ has with his church.

What does this mean for you as a parent? Simply this, as you live together as husband and wife you are to represent Christ and his church. Is this what your children see?

This does not mean you are perfect! Just like the church is far from perfect each day, married couples will struggle with sin. Just as the church needs help, counsel and direction, so does your marriage. You are to run to Jesus in your weakness. This means that you don’t hold grudges, that you return good for evil, that you are kind and selfless, that you are ruled by compassion instead of anger. That you get help when you need it!

If you think of marriage simply as a human idea then you will be limited by human failure. But if you view marriage as God’s institution to show your dependence on Christ, then you have hope. Your well-being is not dependent on how your spouse performs, but upon your relationship with Christ.

So again, let me ask, “what does your marriage say about Jesus?” Do you reference Christ to each other as you deal with life’s struggles? Do your children hear you praising God for Christ’s faithfulness to you? Do they see you seeking his help and forgiveness when you sin, when you are angry or selfish?

The real beauty of knowing Christ is he knows you will never be perfect. But, he is committed to you nonetheless. Even in your weakness and sin, you can always worship and honor him. As a married couple you have this rich privilege and necessity to make your marriage about him. This is how you show Jesus to your kids.

Marriage is God’s idea. This means you have hope. It means that it is never just the two of you. Make your marriage a testimony to the covenant love of Christ. He loved and loves you when you are unlovable. Make your marriage the way God designed it to be. Make it about Christ!


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