Pornography and Women

Help! She's Struggling with PornographyOne thing that the Fifty Shades book trilogy brings to light is that women also are consumers of pornography. The secular publishing industry has given the Fifty Shades books their own genre classification – Mommy-porn. With tens of millions of copies in print and record success at the box office, mommy-porn, is now part of our culture’s social landscape. Why, because it sells!

Rachel Coyle has written a much needed mini-book, Help! She’s struggling with Pornography. This mini-book is part Shepherd Press’ collection of Life-Line mini-books that address everyday problems that Christians face with direct, concise, biblical help. I will place links to Rachel’s book and to the entire mini-book series in the comment section below.

Pornography is not just a something that men struggle with. Women are also caught up in this addictive web of sin. Don’t ignore this ugly and unpleasant reality. There are women that you know, perhaps even your daughter, perhaps even yourself, who need the healing power of Christ and his word!

Check out the entire Life-line series by clicking here.

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