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Author: Jim Newheiser
Kindle ebook
ISBN 9781633420830

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About the book

A small book helping people to identify and commit to a biblically-functioning local church.

It has often been said that there is no perfect church. But there is also no perfect church member. As the old joke goes, if you find a perfect church you shouldn’t join it, because if you do it won’t be perfect anymore. Whenever sinners work together in close quarters, whether in churches or in families, conflict and disappointment will arise. Regardless of flaws, however, God designed us to need one another, and for the church to need us. But how do you find a good church? What are the qualities to look for? This mini-book gives sound wisdom that will guide you through this important decision.

Intended readership:

  • Anyone who needs to think more clearly about the body of Christ
  • People who realize their need for consistent fellowship, regular teaching, and the importance of corporate prayer
  • Counselors, ministers and Christian workers who are guiding people toward greater spiritual maturity


  • Introduction
  • 1 Why You Need a Local Church
  • 2 How Not to Choose a Church
  • 3 What to Look for in a Church
  • 4 Hard Questions about Choosing a Church
  • Conclusion
  • Personal Application Projects
  • Where Can I Get More Help?

About the author

Jim Newheiser, DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary, California, has served in pastoral ministry and has practiced biblical counseling for over thirty years. He is the Director of the Christian Counseling Program at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte and the Executive Director of IBCD. He is an ACBC Fellow and board member.

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