Repost: A Daily Prayer for Troubled Times

Here is a prayer to pray with your family as you begin the day. It is modeled on the prayer Jesus taught to his disciples.

Dear Father, we need your help this day. Our world is a mess. But you are holy and worthy of our praise.  We ask that your kingdom will come with power to our family, our lives, our country and our world.  There are many things that trouble us. There are threats of war, disease, terrorism and unrest. We pray that your will be in charge where we are just as you are in heaven.

Father, we ask you give us what need to live this day. We ask that you forgive our sins and that we may have the courage to forgive those who sin against us.

Keep us from fear and worry. Keep us safe from the evil we see each day.

Give our family peace this day so that we may know joy in obeying you, even when it is hard. Thank you that we can be together as a family. Thank you for Jesus.



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