Satan’s Lie – it’s just fun

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God gave you the tools to detect and expose the lies of the world.

The greatest tool is the Bible itself. The Word is truth and light, and it exposes lies and darkness. The more you study and use the Bible, the more discerning you become about the world. Watch what goes on in the world and ask yourself questions. Ask if what the world says is really true.

For example, entertainment is often based on the humorous portrayal of lust, adultery, jealousy, gossip, hatred, greed, etc. I’m not just talking about X-rated movies; light-hearted, fun PG movies fit the profile just as well. Why do we find it so easy to be amused by behavior that God hates and that Jesus Christ died to save us from? Is there, perhaps, some kind of deception going on that says, “It’s no big deal, it’s just fun”?

Another popular lie is that sensual pleasure satisfies. We aren’t fooled by that lie, are we? Even non-Christians warn their children against the deadly pleasures of drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex. But how about the more wholesome pleasures? Food, recreation, music, travel, cars, computers—these can all provide legitimate enjoyment. But one of the world’s lies is that worldly pleasure itself is worth living for. Just watch commercials for an evening. The only issue is to decide what product or experience gives the greatest pleasure. When your children beg for the newest action figure, video game, or DVD; when you find yourself craving a faster car, a more luxurious vacation, a more powerful computer, a better wardrobe—stop and check yourself. None of those things is necessarily wrong, but will any of them really bring the satisfaction they promise?

You must tell your children over and over that satisfaction and contentment are impossible apart from a right relationship with God. Satan wants people to think he can offer more pleasure than God can. That’s a lie. The world’s “pleasures” don’t deliver what they promise, and what enjoyment they do bring doesn’t last. A Christian, however, can find contentment and satisfaction in any situation; and only a Christian can fully enjoy all the pleasures mentioned above, because he doesn’t depend on them for happiness. He can take or leave them because he finds his joy in God.

Christians live in the world, but are not of the world. They are subjects in the kingdom of God. God’s kingdom is the only place of genuine truth and strength and beauty. Talk to your children about Satan’s deception. Teach them not to be deceived by the world. Teach them not to trade the truth of God for the lies of Satan.


This post was excerpted from Everyday Talk.

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