Sex, Dating, and Relationships

Posted on September 13, 2012 · Posted in Culture

Here are three words that strike fear into the hearts of most parents. Modern American culture has laid claim to the meaning of these words. Sex is an entitlement for everyone over 13. Sexual expression knows no boundaries as long as personal desires are fulfilled. Dating has become the socially accepted vehicle for sexual activity.  A date used to be dinner, a movie and the safe return of a female to her home. Now dates may extend for days and include much more than dinner and a movie. Relationships have taken the place of marriage with regard to commitment. Being in a relationship can mean anything from a casual friendship to living together. It is no wonder that parents are concerned and teenagers are intrigued.

In God’s good providence Gerald Hiestand and Jay Thomas have taken these words back and placed them in a biblical context.  They have written a book called Sex, Dating, and Relationships. The authors start with the premise that all of life is to be lived for God’s glory. Thus sex, dating, and relationships must first be considered in this context. Wow! That’s different.

Of course addressing these subjects from a biblical perspective means some radical rethinking needs to happen. However, Hiestand and Thomas have done the ground work necessary to place these words into a biblical framework. Their conclusions are dramatically uncomplicated as they are radically different from our culture.

I was privileged to interview Jay Thomas, one of the authors, on our weekly radio show. Pastor Thomas provides a clear and compelling case for the biblical soundness of this book. My prayer is that families and churches may gain much profit from their labor.

Interview with Jay Thomas

You can buy the book here.

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Jay Younts
John A. (Jay) Younts is the Shepherd Press blogger, and is a ruling elder serving at Redeemer Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Moore, South Carolina. He has written Everyday Talk, Everyday Talk About Sex & Marriage, Finding the Right Track, the In Touch With Paul stewardship series, and What About War. He has studied and taught about biblical childrearing for 30 years. He and his late wife Ruth have five adult children.