Sex is designed by God for Marriage

“This is where you must start in teaching your children about sex. Sex is not fundamentally a biological, physiological activity. Sexuality is a necessary aspect of God’s purpose for man to occupy and control the earth for the glory of God. (Genesis 1:26-28) All of the physiological phenomena that happens to the human body while engaging in sexual activity is expressly designed by God to remind husbands and wives that they have been called to unity, intimacy and procreation in their mission to have dominion over the earth. Sexual activity is designed for a man and a woman who are obeying God in marriage in order to bring honor to his name. The idea that sexual pleasure is designed merely and primarily for self-interest is pagan at its core. It is dishonoring to God to talk about sex in abstraction from marriage. (Ephesians 5:25-32) The whole of Christian life, in fact, is focused on the sacrificial and selfless love of others done in imitation of Christ according to 1st John 4:7-12. Sex cannot be both God honoring and self serving. Sex is specifically designed for marriage and for nothing else.”

Excerpt From: John A. Younts. “Everyday Talk About Sex & Marriage.”

There is not a parent wouldn’t benefit greatly from this book. Not only will it help you to get your child thinking biblically about sex, it will help you as a parent to do the same. This is a wise, winsome, gospel-soaked and practical manual of how to talk to your kids about sex as you live with them in a world that’s gone sexually insane. Don’t wait, order this book now.
Paul David Tripp

Everyday Talk About Sex and Marriage

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