Shepherding a Child’s Heart on Sale in China!!

Posted on August 13, 2012 · Posted in Culture

Here is some great and exciting news. Shepherding a Child’s Heart is available for sale in China through legal, state approved Christian bookstores! Early reports indicate that Shepherding a Child’s Heart is one of the best sellers at ZDL Books in China. Here is link to to the ZDL site.

Below is text from a brochure  from the Robert Morrison Project. This group is committed to getting solid Christian books, published in Chinese, into China. As the text indicates the first 22 titles they hope to publish are all from the Banner of Truth Trust and Shepherd Press.

Shepherd Press is thrilled to have our titles be part of this endeavor. Please pray that much good will come of this effort!

Here is the text of the brochure:

Over the last ten years there have been some remarkable changes in China. One of the most significant changes has been the emergence of legal Christian publishing.

In the West we often think that publishing Christian literature in China is illegal and therefore we must rely on smuggling efforts and underground printing.  However, in recent years it has become possible to receive government approval for some forms of Christian literature.  These changes have enormous implications for the future of the church in China!  The Robert Morrison Project believes the opening up of China to the legal publication of Christian literature may be one of the most significant opportunities for the advancement of the gospel in a generation.

Pictured here is one of the eight Christian bookstores in Beijing. Currently, there are about 200 Christian bookstores in China. Fifteen  years ago there were none!

Consider the following:

• The church in China has one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the world. Many estimate that the church is approaching 80 to 100 million in size.

• The church in China has one of the largest publishing vacuums of Christian literature in the world. Currently, the total number of Christian titles in legal circulation in China is about 600.

• •After a Christian book receives official approval, it can be sold to anyone, anywhere, in any quantity, without any fear of reprisal.

Currently, there are about 200 Christian bookstores in China.  15 years ago there were none.

The goal of the Robert Morrison Project ( over the next five to ten years is to legally publish 50 to 60 reformed titles in China which will provide urgently needed resources for Chinese pastors and missionaries to shepherd the church. The challenge in fulfilling this goal is a lack of funding.  Christian publishing in China is still very much in its infancy, and consequently it must rely on outside financing. In the future, we believe that this will change but for the time being funding is needed.  Will you consider making a financial contribution  towards this publishing project?  The first 22 titles we hope to publish are all from the Banner of Truth Trust and Shepherd Press. For more details or to make a tax-deductible donation  (available for US donors only), please contact the Robert Morrison Project. Soli Deo Gloria!



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Jay Younts
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