The climate changes again – right on schedule!

Today is June 21. Depending on where you live it is either the beginning of winter or of summer. The next three months will bring climatic changes caused by heat, cold, drought, and violent storms across the planet. Animals will hibernate and crops will grow. Some will know abundance, others will know famine. Days will simultaneously grow longer and shorter. Three months from now the winds of the equinox will signal the arrival of spring and fall. This is all orchestrated by the Lord of the wind and the waves. God makes the climate change. Right on schedule!

Today the Sun reached the Northern most point on its journey which began last December 21st. At precisely the right millisecond, at the decree and command of God, the Sun started south.

God directs that the climate will change for his purposes. History has shown that land once covered with ice now provides fertile soil that feeds hundreds of millions. A huge Island that 1,000 years ago was green and fertile is now covered with ice. Global climate changes will continue just as the seasons will continue. Climate change is not random, but under the control of the Lord of heaven and earth.

God has staked his reputation that these changes will occur as long as the earth endures. He has sealed this covenant promise with a sign that is visible to all mankind – the rainbow.

Use the beginning of each season and the rainbows you see to teach your children about God and how he controls the climate for his glory. Tell them that God is true to his word and his covenant. He has guaranteed the seasons will continue as long as there is an earth.

“As long as the earth endures,
seedtime and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night
will never cease.”
Genesis 8:22

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