The Last Rose of Fall

NewImageIn the fall colors that were vibrant in the spring become drab. But just before the bleak hues of brown become dominant, there is one final dramatic burst of color. Leaves change from green to brilliant displays of red, yellow and gold. Rose bushes yield a final canvas of delicate beauty. This final bloom reminds us that after winter’s reign the peaceful watercolors of Spring will come again.

This last rose is like the contrast of the beauty of Christ set against the barren backdrop of a world that has lost its way. Don’t hide the wonder of Christ by clothing yourself in the drab colors of a fallen world: frustration, fear, sarcasm, irritation, despair and worry.

Show your children the beautiful wonder of Christ. Color your life with joy, and peace. Display the confidence that comes from trusting the God who does what is right and just and fair.  Speak with warm, pleasant words of love and encouragement.  Live out the reality that you are secure in Christ for all eternity. Call others to know Christ.  Let your children know that they are a blessing from God to you.

May the spectacular character of Jesus Christ etch itself onto the canvas of your life.  May you and I be like the final rose of fall that points to beauty that will never fade away.

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