Thought for the Lord’s Day

God is unique. This is essential to grasp if he is to be worshipped for who he is and not who we think he is. One way that God is unique is that he needs no outside validation of  who he is. As humans we tend to confirm things we think by appealing to someone or something to agree with us. God needs no such confirmation. He is the standard by which all that is good is measured.


For example, if I come to a conclusion about something, I may appeal to someone else to validate my conclusion. The more people who agree with me the more comfortable I am with my conclusion. God is not like this. He neither desires or needs others to validate his person or his character.


God does not agree with truth. He is truth.

God does not agree with justice. He is justice.

God does not agree with wisdom. He is wisdom.

God does not acknowledge that love is found in many ways. God is love.

God does not aspire to perseverance. He defines perseverance by his character.

God is not defined by goodness. Goodness is defined by who he is.


These are just a few examples the uniqueness of God. God’s uniqueness should dominate our worship. He must not be worshipped because others worship him. He must be worshipped for he is, in all of his unique glory!

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