Thought for the Lord’s Day

Clear the way for the Lord.

The Lord has come and he will come again.

Christmas marks the beginning of the end. The end of:

Corrupt leaders,

Someone is saying, “Wait a minute! Haven’t you seen the news.”

Yes, I have. But there is news that is better than what is on the cable, network or internet. It was announced in the heavens 2,000 years ago. The items on this list have been defeated by Jesus Christ. The good news is that the Lord will make his way through the spiritual wasteland of our planet. He makes a certain promise that one day there will be no more tears.

Jesus Christ is waging a righteous war for the lives of his people. Heaven has been secured. The Lord has spoken!
Isaiah 40:3-5
Listen! It’s the voice of someone shouting,
“Clear the way through the wilderness
for the Lord!
Make a straight highway through the wasteland
for our God!

Fill in the valleys,
and level the mountains and hills.
Straighten the curves,
and smooth out the rough places.

Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed,
and all people will see it together.
The Lord has spoken!”

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