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This week’s webcast of the True Worldview Café, will feature an interview with Rick Horne. Rick is the author of Get Outta My Face, a book about dealing with angry teenagers. Shepherd Press is excited to announce that Rick’s new book, Get Offa My Case will be available in early April of this year. Rick brings a wealth of experience in dealing with difficulties with teenagers. His new book helps parents see beyond the trying circumstances that mark living with angry teens. He points parents to the glory of God for hope.

Get Offa My Case is a book about transformation — the transformation, sometimes sooner and sometimes later, of an angry, defiant teen. More immediately, though, it’s about transformation in that teen’s fearful, exasperated, and hurting parents. There is no silver bullet that will transform an angry teen into a respectful, responsible young adult. However, there is a God who can transform us, the way we parent and the atmosphere of our home. This book draws parents’ attention to their need to pursue and be satisfied with God’s glory, which in turn allows them to seek change in their teenager’s heart. It shows parents how to reestablish godly family leadership and helps them to find the joy of the Lord — even if their teen doesn’t change.

You can listen to today’s broadcast live at 1 p.m. eastern time. Here is the link.

This weekend Shepherd Press is selling both books by Rick Horne for 50% off. Get Offa My Case will continue to be available for preorder at this price until it begins to ship in early April.

Order Get Offa My Case here.

Order Get Outta My Face here.

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Listen to the webcast here.

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