What is Christian Wisdom?

CHRISTIAN WISDOM is knowing and understanding the truth, obeying the truth, and making decisions based on the truth. Wisdom helps you be more like Jesus in your actions, thoughts and attitudes, by loving God and your neighbor. Here are nine examples of wisdom in action:

LOVE is giving willingly of whatever I have to meet someone’s need.

HUMILITY is knowing that everything good in me is from God alone, and is not for my benefit first, but for serving God and others. I should not put myself first.

SELF-CONTROL is the ability to say no to my wrong desires and yes to what God wants me to do.

PATIENCE is accepting problems without complaining, trusting that God will care for me.

LISTENING is giving careful attention to another person. Listening shows someone love and respect.

GENTLENESS is using only the strength or force that is appropriate.

FAITHFULNESS is being dependable, so that others can trust what I say and do.

TRUTHFULNESS is telling information accurately, without exaggerating or misleading.

CONTENTMENT is being satisfied because God is working everything together for my good and for his glory.

From Get Wisdom! by Ruth Younts

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