What the Incarnation Teaches About Parenting

The incarnation is a good model for interaction with your children. God could have remained off in heaven. He could have spoken through cloud and thunder like He did in Exodus 19. But what does God do in the incarnation? He comes to dwell with us. He takes on human flesh like your flesh. He takes on a fully human psychology like yours. He accepts the limitations of being a man on earth; he can only be in one place at a time. He experiences all the things we experience. He is tired and hungry at Jacob’s well in John 4. He weeps at Lazarus’ tomb. Hebrews 2 says he suffered when he was tempted. Jesus can look at the world through your eyes. He fully understands as He brings truth to us. I must confess, to my shame, that often my children had a father who was unable to sympathize with their weaknesses. When we can see the world through their eyes we can speak truth to them in the ways they need to hear it.


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