When your kids see your face what do they see?

One way to love your kids is to rejoice in them when you see them. I realize this may take conscious effort at times. But it is important that they know that they are a blessing to  you. 


Proverbs 16:15 says:


When a king’s face brightens, it means life;
    his favor is like a rain cloud in spring,


I realize you are not a king. However, you are the authority that your children see. If you delight in them it matters. It won’t work to say if your kids were more delightful you would be more delighted in them.  God delights in you and in me. This delight is certainly not because of our sterling track record of being wonderful most of the time. He delights in us because we are his. 


Your children are God’s blessing to you. The next time you see one of your children let them see a parent whose face is bright. It matters, it really does.

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