You Were Made To Remember

Herein is Love: Deuteronomy
Herein is Love: Deuteronomy

There are times when memories seem as a curse. The pain is strong enough that you bless the minutes, the hours, the days when those memories are absent. Then there are the good memories, the ones you want never to forget. These good ones are etched in your mind. They bring joy.

God made you this way, he made you to remember.


He made you to remember him. He commands you to remember who he is and what he has accomplished for you. It is the memory of God that keeps all of your other memories in perspective.

The Lord will make right and wipe away the tears from all that is painful and destructive.

His great goodness reminds us that it is only through his mercy and grace that you have good memories to cherish.

So, Moses in Deuteronomy and Paul in Ephesians challenge you to remember what God has done for you. Jesus calls you to remember his sacrifice at the Lord’s Table. It is through his sacrifice that you have hope, both for today and for the days to come.

God made you to remember.

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