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Raising your children to face persecution and danger


Your objective as a Christian parent is to raise your children to live a godly life following Christ. This idea is exciting, even inspiring. But how conscious are you that there is another side to living a godly life? Encouraging your children to follow Christ also will lead them into persecution. This reality balances the excitement. Following Christ is a wonderful, fulfilling and sobering pursuit. It is a path not to be taken lightly. Paul reminds us of this when he says, “Indeed, all who desire to live a godly.. read more

Jesus, rain and faith


Jesus was on a boat with his disciples. He decided to take a nap. While he was sleeping a fierce storm came up. Waves were crashing over the top of the boat. The disciples feared for their lives so, in a panic, they woke Jesus shouting, “we are going to drown!” Let’s stop the tape. Can you identify with the passengers? It appeared the boat was about to sink and what was Jesus doing, sleeping! The disciples acted as if they didn’t alert their sleeping master he wouldn’t know that.. read more

Do Christian lives matter?


On Thursday morning October 1st, students at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon went to class. They were “protected” by a gun free zone and by academic freedom that is designed to keep religion and mention of the Christian God from education. It was a bright, beautiful fall day. But one man determined that there would be nothing beautiful about this day. The actual story of the shooting and murder of the college students is slowly emerging. The killer asked students if they were Christians. If they said yes they.. read more