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You were made to remember


There are times when memories seem as a curse. The pain is strong enough that you bless the minutes, the hours, the days when those memories are absent. Then there are the good memories, the ones you want never to forget. These good ones are etched in your mind. They bring joy. God made you this way, he made you to remember. Why? He made you to remember him. He commands you to remember who he is and what he has accomplished for you. It is the memory of God.. read more

Memorial Day Sale!


Save 30% off orders of $10.00 or more with coupon code MEMDAYB through Monday, May 30. With Father’s Day just three weeks away, this is a great chance to find a Father’s Day gift! This coupon code applies to all resources at ShepherdPress.com except the LifeLine Mini-books Display Unit and the Rejuvenating the Heart Audio Series, and it cannot be combined with any other coupon.

Memorial Day – the cost of evil


War is a bad thing. People die. Things are destroyed. To be proficient in war is to be proficient in devastation. Wars happen because humans must have what they desire, no matter what. War is a good thing. People die so that others may live and know peace. Instruments of evil are destroyed. Wars happen because people determine their lives are expendable in the struggle against evil. War is a mixed bag. It is an enthralling combination of the worst and best of humankind. But, ultimately, war is the cost.. read more