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A prayer


Dear Father, please keep me from thinking my life is about me. My dreams are too small, my desires are too selfish, my actions are too sinful for me to focus on me. Father, you know I can be down and discouraged. You know my weakness. I pray you would give me the courage to see that my life is about Jesus and loving you as he did on earth. I pray my life would be about living for his reputation. I pray my desires would be consumed with showing.. read more

Your toddler’s worldview


Toddlers and worldview are not concepts that seem compatible. The image of a 3–year-old doing a google search about worldview brings humor. However, your toddler does have a worldview. It shapes the way he looks at his life. It shapes the way he looks at you as his parent. It may be limited, but it is a worldview nonetheless. He actually expresses his worldview constantly. This worldview is shown in statements like: I’m thirsty, he took my toy, I want a cookie, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I don’t want to… read more

Assuming the obvious: poor decision


  “Hey mom, Jeremy is upset.” “Okay Sarah, I’ll be right there.” Mom is thinking, “Here we go again.  Sarah is always making Jeremy upset. I can’t finish anything without somebody having an issue. I’ll get to it in a moment.” Here is another example:. “Dad, I’m really sorry I messed up and forgot to cut the grass. I’ll get to it right after lunch. Sorry dad.” Inside, dad is loosing it. He is thinking, “when will this kid ever grow up and be responsible?” So in a frustrated voice.. read more