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Mission Statement

Shepherd Press is committed to providing God’s people with solid biblical books and materials. There are tons of Christian self-help books available. Sadly, many books containing tips and good ideas for Christian living leave the reader unsatisfied. In contrast, the resources we publish have two qualities that make them unique and spiritually satisfying.

First, they focus on heart issues rather than performance issues. We all know that it is possible to master some Christian performance skills without experiencing internal change. We long for authentic change that works from the inside out. The resources you will find here focus on the “abundance of the heart,” not just performance.

Second, the material you will find here maintains the centrality of the gospel. The riches of the gospel go deeper than the assurance of sins forgiven and eternal life (as indescribably wonderful as that is). The message of the gospel includes not just forgiveness of sin, but also radical, internal transformation and empowerment to live in the ways God calls us to live.

At Shepherd Press we look for materials that serve both of these ends. They will enable us to identify the idols of the heart that pollute our service to Christ, keeping us mired in confusion, unable to obey God. They will also encourage us that we can “do all things through Christ who gives [us] strength.” They will remind us that the gospel is for Christians. We daily repent and cast ourselves on the abundant grace of Jesus Christ.

It is our prayer and expectation that the things you find here will help you identify and respond to areas of personal and family need with the certain hope of grace and empowerment from God.

Overview of Resources

Our online store features titles chosen for their Gospel focus and their relevance to the issues of everyday Christian life. We offer many of these titles in a variety of formats along with a selection of practical helps. For example, Shepherding a Child’s Heart is available in traditional book form (in both English and Spanish) and audio book. Corresponding materials include a DVD lecture series, a Leader’s Guide and a Parent’s Handbook. Most of our titles are available in popular ebook formats as well.

In addition to our online store, you will find a regularly updated blog that will provide a forum for ongoing discussion of issues related to parenting and Christian living. On our YouTube channel you can view promos, interviews, and testimonials.

For information about Dr. Tedd Tripp’s seminars, please visit Shepherding the Heart Ministries.

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