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Stressed by the political scene?


There appears to be a genuine unrest at the choice of political candidates. Indeed, on a global scale there are few leaders who stand out as people that are noble and trustworthy. There are few that inspire confidence, few that make us feel safe. But there is reason to hope! Isaiah 40 brings strong but comforting words to our ears. The Prophet speaks with awe respect at the power and control of God. His words are sharp and to the point, but they are just the words that you and.. read more

Who’s in charge?


Requiring exact, immediate, pleasant obedience is a huge blessing.  This establishes the parent’s God-given authority and helps children to see the value of honoring God’s authority. However, it is possible allow children to become the center of the home and allow them to assume command. So it is important to ask, “who’s in charge?” Here is an example, that borders on the absurd, of what happens when a child is in charge: Mom asks her almost six-year-old son, Justin, to open the front door to let some fresh air in.. read more

How to stop fighting and start loving


Fights come naturally, you were born to fight. It is time to stop being surprised that you and the people you love are inclined to fight. Since the Garden, we all have a part of Cain embedded in us. So the question is not why do you fight, but how can you stop fighting. Here is at least one answer: consider others, especially the ones you are fighting with, as more important than yourself. That is always your first thought when you fight, right? You automatically consider the other person.. read more