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2019 Christmas Order Deadlines

Shopping for Christmas gifts? Use these guidelines to choose the appropriate shipping method to make sure your order arrives on time (United States only). Media Mail usually arrives in 5-7 business days but may take longer, especially during the Christmas season. Note that these are recommendations, not a guarantee. The […]

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The Planet, Jesus, and Christmas

When Adam and Eve embraced the lie of Satan, the impact of their fall reverberated all through Planet Earth. God designed the earth to be lovingly cared for by people. All of the beauty and resources of the earth were […]

Giving to yourself – not cool!

Giving gifts to yourself is a dangerous activity. No, I am not talking about the present under the tree that is labeled from you to you. I am talking about the gifts you give to others that are really meant […]

Caring for One Another at Christmas

The authors of 31 Ways to be a “One-Another” Christian have provided a vital insight for gift giving this Christmas season. Do your gifts show that you care from your heart or do your gifts represent attempts to make others […]