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Comfort One Another This Christmas

The authors of 31 Ways to be A “One-Another” Christian have a simple yet life-changing message for you this Christmas: Comfort one another! Instead of frustration or irritation with people think of how you can bring comfort to them. That is radical!  This excerpt from the book is truly a […]

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From the Archive: Interview with Nancy Ganz, Part 2

Today we continue with our interview with Nancy Ganz, author of Herein Is Love. This is a set of Bible commentaries designed specifically for children. We believe this series to be unique. The material in these commentaries is thoroughly biblical […]

From the Archive: Interview with Nancy Ganz, Part 1

Nancy Ganz is author of the Herein is Love commentary series, a Bible commentary set for children. They are written following the model given to God’s people in Deuteronomy 6—that is, these books talk to children about God and his […]

Are You Celebrating Insanity?

There is a popular definition of insanity that is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and others. It goes like this: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Every January 1st, most of […]