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Let all the earth fear the Lord


God’s message to the nations in Psalm 33 is a simple one: all of the earth is to fear the Lord. He is to be honored and revered because he spoke the world into existence. There was nothing and then there was the universe! That is awesome power! So, as the psalmist looks at the activities and plans of men and nations, he knows that they are subject to God’s plan and purpose. No nation can deter the plan of God. No leader can succeed against the purpose of God… read more

Do you have the courage to be gentle?


  A gentle response to an angry or defiant act seems weak and out of place. The Holy Spirit has a different perspective: A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1 The Hebrew word for gentle here means the quality of being tender, soft, delicate in substance. This is not exactly the first response that comes to mind when someone you know or your teenager opposes you. There are two natural responses when this happens. Both are equally wrong and destructive. The first.. read more

Shepherd Press announces Counseling One Another!


Dr. Paul Tautges has written a book for every believer. Preorder it for great savings. Order now — Prepublication special 50% Off! Here is an excerpt from the book: Believers in Jesus Christ must be taught and trained to be richly indwelt with the Word of God, to live under the influence of the Holy Spirit, to be driven by the gospel, to express dependence on God through prayer, to be motivated by love for God and neighbor, and to be moved with compassion to help one another make progress.. read more