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Special Blog Offer

This week’s special offer for our blog readers has two parts. The first part is to purchase Hints for Parents by Gardiner Spring. This book is a 19th century classic, republished by Shepherd Press. To help with application to the modern day, Tedd Tripp has written a series of gospel encouragements throughout the book. Glean timeless truths about parenting from Pastor Spring, with Dr. Tripp’s expert commentary to guide you. But this is just the first part of the offer. If you purchase Hints for Parents and enter the coupon code JYHINTS1 before you check out, you will receive 40% off your entire order! What a wonderful opportunity to get the Shepherd Press materials you have been wanting at a […]

The Snowmaker

Snow is blanketing the East Coast this weekend in record amounts. Hundreds of thousands of homes are without power. Work will be disrupted for companies, small businesses, schools, and even the government. Thirty inches of snow simply cannot be ignored. Once again, the power of man quickly pales in comparison to the power of God. The scientific explanation of how snow occurs is not complex. The right combination of moisture, temperature, and a low pressure system will result in snow. However, small deviations in any of these three variables can result in ice or rain instead of snow. The convergence of just the right factors results in major storms like the one occurring now. For some this is a random […]