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The Little Book of Coffee-Cup MeditationsThe Little Book of Coffee-Cup Meditations is a pocket-sized sampler of twenty devotional readings from the larger series of books, My Coffee-Cup Meditations, which are short, easy-to-read, Bible-based devotions to help you consider God’s greatness, the wonderful gospel of Jesus, and be better equipped for life here and hereafter. These engaging and delightful readings from Roger Ellsworth practically and enjoyably connect ordinary life with the spiritual truths of God’s Word. Find out how the Bible profoundly speaks to ordinary people—in the humdrum of life in a messed-up world. After you have read these twenty devotions, you will want to get the full set of books—Bible-based reflections for each of the seasons of the year.

The Little Book of Great Comfort for Grieving ChristiansJ. Aaron White’s The Little Book of Great Comfort for Grieving Christians is a series of meditations on the eighth chapter of Romans. In our fallen world, grief is a painfully common experience. Times of loss and sorrow can leave the most stalwart saints breathless with agony. Hard times call for strong medicine. The promise-packed eighth chapter of Romans is a powerful antidote for spiritual depression. Grieving Christians of all ages will benefit from this accessible, winsome, pastoral, and compassionate journey through Paul’s wonderfully encouraging chapter.

“This book will be a tremendous source of comfort for grieving souls. I enthusiastically recommend this work.”
—Kenneth E. Ortiz: Assistant Professor of Theology and History, Bethlehem College and Seminary, Minneapolis, MN

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