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The Gospel Matters for Your Toddler

For most, the statement that the gospel matters for toddlers lacks a sense of immediacy. This seems more suitable for older children and adults.  However, this perspective reveals a common underlying problem. The problem is that information transfer is seen as the primary method of bringing people to Christ. In other words, you tell someone about Christ and hope they will respond. The person to whom you are speaking is the one who holds the cards.  Your role is ultimately passive.

The Gospel Matters

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. You have heard these words before. Perhaps, you have heard them from your own lips.  These words are not words of encouragement or optimism. These are words of discouragement and disappointment. They are said when we feel let down, betrayed. The irony is that often when these words are spoken they really mean that something matters very much. The gospel matters. There is only one Person who will not disappoint you – his name is Jesus.