Now Available: The Little Book on Being Healthy and Well

The Little Book on Being Healthy and WellFearfully and wonderfully made—that’s how God created you. He crafted you, and you were designed to glorify him. So, it’s important for you to enjoy being healthy and well if you are to enjoy life to the fullest.

John Lehman shares valuable insights to help you in being a steward of your body—the temple of the Holy Spirit. Consider how you may benefit from a good diet, appropriate rest, and the right measure of exercise. You will also be guided through John’s exercise program notes online as you download how-to-exercise graphics and guideline charts to help you to become the best you possible!

Dan Dionne, an ACBC Certified Counselor and Internal Medicine Specialist from Spokane, Washington, says in his endorsement:

“Biblical counselors have their hands full exploring a person’s heart and thoughts, and showing them what God’s Word says to those issues. What if a counselee also has physical complaints? They should go to their health care provider and get a checkup, and then they could read The Little Book on Being Healthy and Well.

“John’s book starts with good theology and builds with solid advice to help readers get started on being better stewards of the bodies that God has given to each of them!”

The Little Book on Being Healthy and Well is in stock and available to order now.

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