God With Us: A Journey Home

Transform your children’s experience of life in this sad, wonderful world as they journey home to God by following Scripture’s epic story.

“This is a beautiful re-telling of the most beautiful story ever told.”
—Karen Swallow Prior

An introduction from the author

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Author Jeremy Pierre and illustrator Cassandra Clark want to awaken children to a brave journey—a journey home. This beautifully illustrated tale traces the theme of God’s presence through the storyline of Scripture. People were created to be with God but lost their nearness to him at the fall. So God sent his Son Jesus Christ to cross that distance, making a way for people to follow him on their own journey home.

This book seeks to connect a child’s experience of a hurting world with the larger story of God’s redemption of all things, inspiring them to courage and to joy for their journey. God With Us: A Journey Home presents your children with:

  • One Panoramic Theme: Your children will see in panoramic display one grand theme at the heart of Scripture’s story, from Genesis to Revelation: the presence of God.
  • Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is presented to your children as the fulfillment of everything they were made to be.
  • Realism About Life: This is an honest storybook about a fallen world, full of excitement and joy as well as sadness and fear.
  • Luxurious Visuals: The full-color illustrations are intentionally arranged to move between large sweeping landscapes and small arresting moments, evoking in children a sense of awe at the grand scale of life, even in the daily moments.
  • An Experience for the Eyes, Ears, and Heart: Art—in visual, audible, and verbal form—makes beautiful the things that God calls beautiful. This book will capture your children’s imagination.
  • Dramatized, Read-Aloud Edition: In addition to the high-quality hardcover, bring each chapter to life even more with the soon-to-be-available special Read-Aloud Edition, which features narration, music, sound effects, and visual cues for children to enjoy.

Immersive illustrations and poetic wordplay throughout will keep your child returning to the pages of this book. Hardcover. Quality Colors.

Appreciation for God With Us: A Journey Home

“God with Us delivers truth with imagination, creativity, and beautiful illustrations. The gospel message becomes clearer with every turn of the page. Like a symphony of truth that crescendos to the final fanfare, God with Us ends with a finale that connects the gospel dots and offers an invitation to believe. Bravo and well done!”
—Marty Machowski, Pastor and author of The Ology, Wonderful, Long Story Short, and other gospel-centered resources for church and home

“The one and only thing I dislike about God with Us is that it was published too late for me to read it to my children. But I am carefully setting aside my copy and am already looking forward to someday reading it to my grandchildren. I have every confidence they will enjoy it and benefit from it.”
—Tim Challies, Writer, Reviewer, and Blogger at challies.com


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