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Tedd Tripp, Todd Friel
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31 sessions, ~15 mins each
Total time 7hrs 44mins

About the series

Most parenting methods teach parents how to control a child’s behavior. One visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s should tell us that isn’t working out. Why? While we might be able to modify behavior (at least while the child knows we are looking), modern methods do not address the foundational problem.

Behavior modification says: change the behavior and you change the child.
Biblical parenting says: change the heart and you change the behavior.

Drive By Parenting will help you get to the heart of the issue, which is the issue of the heart.

Join Todd Friel and best-selling author Dr. Tedd Tripp as they share 31 fifteen-minute lectures on shepherding a child’s heart. This is not ten steps to training your three children so they behave five times better by six o’clock. Instead, it shares time-tested Biblical teaching on getting to the foundational reasons why your child (and you) behave the way they do.

No matter how good or bad your home presently is, there is hope that it can be better.

This is not a man made system. This is God’s method for training up your child. And it works.

About the speakers

Todd Friel studied to be a pastor for four years but neglected to actually get saved. He abandoned church ministry plans and did secular TV, radio and stand-up comedy for 6 years. Gratefully, God saved Todd (from hell and stand-up comedy). Since then, Todd has combined his pastor training and media skills to host Wretched Radio and TV. Todd has one wife, three children and a dog.

Dr. Tedd Tripp is Pastor Emeritus of Grace Fellowship Church in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, where he served from 1980 until 2012. Tedd was married to his wife, Margy, in 1968; they are parents of three adult children and nine grandchildren. Tedd is the author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart and, with his wife, Margy, Instructing a Child’s Heart

Dr. Tripp is a graduate of Geneva College, B.A.; Philadelphia Theological Seminary, M. Div.; Westminster Theological Seminary, D. Min.


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