The Man in the Gap

Author: Rex Jefferies
Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN 9781633422162

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About the book

The inspiring and informative biography of Martin Holdt, a pastor whose life touched many people, and with remarkable outcomes.

Martin Holdt exercised a ministry in Southern Africa and beyond from the 1960s through the early 2000s. A godly and influential man, his life was marked by prayer and faithfulness to the call to be a pastor as well as being a visionary for planting and establishing God-centered, Bible based churches, and with a vision for worldwide mission.

Includes a postscript appendix by Erroll Hulse.


“…I love good biographies of godly men. They are so stimulating, convicting, edifying, moving, challenging, and alluring. This is one of those biographies. It is a ‘must read’ book—one that is so true to a godly pastor who lived, by God’s grace, wholly for Christ and out of love for the souls of people.” —Joel R. Beeke

“This book stirred my heart; I pray that our Lord will give it a wide audience and ministry and his legacy a lasting impact.” —Francois Carr

“We have here the wonderful biography of a wonderful man. I give it five ‘I’s’—interesting, informative, instructive, insightful, and inspiring.” —Roger Ellsworth

“I am very grateful for the publication of this biography.” —Geoff Thomas

About the author

Rex Allen Jefferies was born in Johannesburg. He qualified as a teacher and commenced his teaching career in 1972. He was subsequently stationed in various parts of Southern Africa. At one of the schools where he taught he met his wife to be, Esta Naudé. The Lord graciously saved Rex in the mid 1980s. Rex and Esta joined Martin Holdt at the Afrikaans Baptist Seminary early in 2008. They retired from the Seminarium at the end of 2016. They have four married children, graciously saved and married to Christians, and are blessed with fifteen grandchildren.

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5 out of 5 stars

I thank God for this uplifting biography

August 06, 2021

I first met the subject of this mini-biography of Pastor Martin Holdt in 1994 in Atlanta. I was privileged to have him as a friend and confidant for the next sixteen years until his untimely passing. I shall always thank the Lord that I could know such a man of God as Martin Holdt.

Thanks go to Rex Jefferies and Shepherd Press for writing and publishing this inspirational biography of Pastor Holdt. Its many strengths include the following:

  • Rex Jefferies was a friend and co-worker of Martin Holdt and knew the subject well.
  • Rex Jefferies lives and ministers in South Africa and knows the national context well.
  • Rex Jefferies had access to surviving family members, correspondence and Martin’s
    many friends and co-laborers for more information. We get a well-rounded picture of the man.
  • Rex Jefferies is a spiritually minded man and has extracted the best qualities of Martin’s life and ministry to highlight. It is an inspirational read and I stopped and prayed several times in thanksgiving to God for such an example and that I might have more of what moved Martin.

My only complaint is selfish—that there was not more to savor. Martin Holdt knew God personally and intimately and that alone makes a man larger than he would be otherwise. Much more could be written about Martin, his interior life, his theology, the spiritual and cultural context of late 20th and early 21st century South Africa, his weaknesses, etc. But that would have been a much larger biography.

I thank God for this uplifting biography of a much used man of God that serves to whet the appetite for a larger biography to come perhaps. May God uses this book to motivate many to pray that God would pour forth His Spirit on many more men and women to “stand in the gap” in their lifetimes, in their unique situations.

Steve Martin
Retired pastor for 31 years in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Retired Dean of Students at IRBS THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY in Texas

Rev. Steve Martin

Shepherd Press