Who Needs a Friend When You Can Make a Disciple?

Authors: Barbara Enter & Gina Weinmann
Paperback, 160 pages
ISBN 9781633422193

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About the book

If believers are not careful, church can be reduced to a mere social club. Barbara and Gina demonstrate how to find a cherished friendship through the process of discipleship. They have often observed, when women come to a new church, they seem to be on an endless search to “find a friend” so they can “feel” a part or “feel” connected. Often this leaves them discontent in their search. A more biblical and satisfying way is by developing discipleship relationships in the body of Christ.

Who Needs a Friend When You Can Make a Disciple? defines and highlights some practical “how-tos” to help women implement biblical ways to practice and sustain discipleship relationships.

Barbara and Gina’s aim in sharing their personal story is to show women the impact discipleship can have on their spiritual growth as they find a cherished friend.


“As Christians we are to help each other become as much like the Lord Jesus Christ as possible. That is what Barbara and Gina have shown us in their very personal journey to a sweet biblical friendship.”  —Martha Peace

“What better way to delve into the particulars of biblical discipleship than to read this poignant account of how two women took that journey together. They show how you will not only have made a disciple but a lifelong friend who will be faithful to the end.” —Mary Somerville

“I am thankful that Barbara and Gina have written this beautiful testimony to the blessings of in-depth discipleship relationships. Your friendships will be deeper and richer by following their advice and example.” —Ernie Baker

“Barbara Enter and Gina Weinmann have written a powerful challenge to the wrong notions of real biblical relationships. Their robust experience in counseling and teaching women in the church provides the right practical backdrop to illustrate their goal and provide a roadmap for meaningful change.” —Dr. John D. Street

“Christians may know that they are to be disciple makers, but they don’t know how to do it. This book will take the mystery out of making disciples and help Christians to know how to change the last command of Jesus from being a great omission to fulfilling it as the Great Commission.” —Dr. Wayne Mack

About the authors

Barbara Enter and her husband of 47 years, Jack, live in Auburn, Georgia. Barbara received her B.S. degree from Georgia Southern University and her M.A. degree in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s University. She is ACBC certified and currently teaches Ladies’ Bible Study and counseling women at the counseling center in her home church, Providence Church in Duluth, Georgia.

Gina Weinmann and her husband of 28 years, Craig, live in Lawrenceville. She received her BSE in Secondary Education from the Honors Department at Georgia State University. Gina is a trained Precept Bible Teacher and is certified with The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (formally NANC). Gina is a member of Providence Church where she enjoys teaching Ladies’ Bible Study and counseling women and teens. She currently enjoys teaching high school English for Veritas Classical Schools.

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Who needs a friend when you can make a disciple

May 16, 2022

This book was very unrealistic in the way that it doesn’t show you how to make friends and disciples. It only shows how to turn someone into a disciple and doesn’t include the hardships of friendships. I’m very disappointed in this book and had higher expectations for Barbara and Gina since they seem to have a close relationship


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