Walking With Grace

Walking with Grace

Newlywed violinist Grace Utomo is preparing to perform the first concert of her packed Christmas season in December 2016. She steps into a crosswalk, arms full of music, then…

Footage from a nearby security camera shows a white Mercedes plunge through its red light. The driver hits Grace before he hits his brakes.

Doctors predict the severe traumatic brain injury, two strokes, and two brain bleeds will end her life that night. Grace and her new husband are just twenty-three years old.

Walking with Grace looks trauma’s hard questions in the eye: Why doesn’t God grant every prayer for healing? How could a loving God let someone suffer? How can God be sovereign and good? Join Grace and her family as they journey through loss and disappointment to a fuller understanding of what it means to live by God’s grace.


The resolute hope of these young people who have lost so much and yet still cling to their Savior is truly inspiring. Grace is a talented writer who tells a riveting story. Though their lives have certainly not gone according to anyone’s plan, they bring much glory to God through their surrender to Him. This book is a gift to all of us.
—Amy Medina: Former ReachGlobal missionary and current missions mobilizer; Writer at A Life Overseas and the EFCA blog

Walking with Grace is honest, riveting, heartbreaking, and encouraging, all at once.  This is not a fairytale, but a picture of real Christian life. The tapestry of God’s providence that unfolds in these pages will be a healing balm to those who find themselves in the midst of a trial, and a guide to all who struggle to hold on to hope.
Dr. Voddie T. Baucham, Jr.

The most inspiring people I’ve ever met are those who trusted God to be faithful, even through the fire. Somehow they found a way to sing through the storm – believing that ultimately God hadn’t left them to struggle alone. This is true of Grace and Ivan Utomo. ‘Walking with Grace’ tells their intense story, and how they refused to give up on God, because deep down they knew He had not given up on them. They dared to believe that at some point there could even be beauty from the ashes. Shared so beautifully and honestly, this faith-filled book will bring fresh hope to many.
—Matt Redman: Worship leader and songwriter

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