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From Death to Life

Memorial Day calls Americans to take time to consider the sacrifice that so many have made to allow this country to be free. As the white markers at  Arlington National Cemetery vividly depict, this sacrifice often involves the  loss of life. It is no small thing to give one’s life that others may benefit. Certainly, those in the military should be appreciated for their willingness to make this sacrifice. This holiday is a reminder that there is more to life than living. God calls his people to consider him first in this life. This means putting aside your own desires and embracing God’s ways. In one sense this is also a sacrifice, as Jesus says in Matthew 16. Raising children […]


I am grateful to you, the readers of this blog, for your participation in this new online community. Biblical parenting is both challenging and rewarding. This blog is one way to find encouragement as you face the challenges of addressing more than outward behavior in raising your children. Your reading of the blog and your comments are certainly an encouragement to me. Please continue to pray that God would richly bless our efforts to shepherd our children to love Jesus Christ deeply from the heart.