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Rich toward God in 2012

The parable in Luke 12 tells of a rich man who had every appearance of success.  He had been so successful in his farming endeavors that he had run out of room to store his crops. That was good, right? His good planning and hard work had paid off. He was financially secure.  Today, money fund managers would have been lining up at his door to help him manage his wealth. As he considered his options, one stood out. He would tear down his barns and build bigger ones. Luke 12:18-19 says: 18 And he said, ‘I will do this: I will tear down my barns and build larger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my […]

Joy to the World – Part 4

He rules the world with truth and grace. Verse four of “Joy to the World” completes the biblical worldview contained in this Christmas hymn. This last verse is a dynamic testimony to the power of the gospel. The King who was anticipated in the first verse, celebrated for his rule in the second verse, and viewed as the Savior of this sin-cursed world in third, now is depicted as the One who will bring a just judgment to this broken world.  Are you discouraged by the corruption in the world? You need not despair at the apparent inequities of life! What a wonderful peace flows from the reality that King Jesus rules with truth and grace. The awesome might of […]

Joy to the World – part 3

Far as the Curse Is Found This is the third post on Isaac Watts’ famous hymn “Joy to the World,” which is based on Psalm 98. It is my belief that the lyrics of this hymn reflect a biblical worldview, a worldview that brings honor to God in all that we do. The first part of this worldview has to do with the joyful anticipation of Christ’s rule. The second part encourages us to delight in the ongoing reign of our Savior. This third element of the worldview acknowledges that there is much wrong with the world. Here is the third verse:

Joy to the World – part 2

The Savior Reigns The second verse of “Joy to the World” builds on the theme of the first verse, where Isaac Watts anticipates the coming king. Now he exults in the current reign of Christ. This also allows us to add the next foundation stone in constructing a biblical worldview based on this hymn. This truth is simple, yet profound – if Jesus is reigning, it is a good thing. Here is the second verse:

Joy to the World!

Forging a biblical worldview for your family Worldview can be an intimidating topic to discuss, let alone teach to your children.  But this does not have to be the case. Sometimes concepts are presented so clearly and are so easily grasped that it is easy to miss the importance of the presentation. Such is the case with the Christmas carol, “Joy to the World.” In this light, we will take a look at each of the hymn’s four verses and see how they combine to offer a compelling worldview that brings honor to God. The first verse focuses on the blessing that Jesus Christ has come to be our King.

Whose Helper are You?

Whose Helper are You?What does this have to do with being Santa’s helper? Just this: in Psalm 72:18 we read that “God alone does marvelous things.” However, at Christmas time, for little children someone else is portrayed as doing the most marvelous things. Santa brings the toys! Not just any toys, but toys that come in brightly wrapped boxes under a colorful, sparkling tree. These toys have been longed for, prayed for, craved for, hoped for and wished for. This longing has gone on for months if not years. The goodness of Santa is confirmed by the tag on the present: From Santa. Amid the pile of wrappings, bows and empty boxes, happy children know they have been adorned. When […]

When God Changes Everything, Everywhere

  Seventy years ago today God changed everything, everywhere. Though there were fears and concerns that global conflict was possible, on the 7th of December, 1941, those concerns  were abruptly confirmed. Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor dramatically changed life on our planet. Over the course of World War II, over 400,000 Americans died in combat-related incidents. But even this number pales in comparison to the number who lost their lives world-wide –over 60 million people. Everything changed, everywhere. Suddenly, nothing was certain.

Living as Salt and Light

Tim Tebow has sparked his share of controversy since being drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2010. Many have mocked his faith, doubted his abilities, and panned his enthusiasm. To NFL purists, Tebow doesn’t fit the mold of what a quarterback should look like, so he has been greeted to this point by skepticism.  Now that his team is winning some folks are beginning to reconsider. Apart from whatever Tim Tebow accomplishes as a player, he is demonstrating what courtesy and respect look like in contrast with sports stars who are consumed with themselves. Peter King had a telephone interview with Tebow after yesterday’s comeback win against the Minnesota Vikings.  King is a respected writer for Sports Illustrated, and one […]

Thoughts from Black Friday

It was early morning on Black Friday. Though the sun was still below the horizon, millions of people had left the comfort of their homes to purchase gifts to give to friends and family in exactly in one month’s time. Given man’s fallen nature what is it causes us to even think about giving something to someone else?