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Don’t Treat Your Teenagers as Their Sins Deserve

    Stay with me on this! Psalm 103 says that God does not treat us as our sins deserve. We have previously established that it is not good to treat your young children as their sins deserve. Instead, you are to graciously point them to bow to the authority of the King of the Universe.  Also we have established that middle children should trained in the development of godly character instead of simply having their behavior corrected.  So, this leaves us with teenagers. Are they the only ones who are to be treated as their sins deserve or does God have something different for them as well?   Problems often arise with teenagers because the biblical objectives of the […]

The Meek War Horse

In biblical times horses who were being trained for war had to have an essential quality before they could be used in combat. The great power of a war horse needed to be submissive to the authority of its rider.  This quality of power under authority was called meekness. Being meek is not weak!  Thus, Get Wisdom! defines meekness this way: Meekness is being willing to give up my rights in order to put others first. Meekness waits for God to bring about justice.