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Tomorrow’s Eve

Today is December 24th, Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas. Christmas is a day where everything is, for the most part, carefully planned and eagerly awaited. Christmas Eve is the day when we make sure that tomorrow will be a special day. This, in itself, is well and good. But what about December 27th, or March 12th, or July 8th?    Since each day is a trust given to you by God to serve him, no one day is really more important than any other. Every day holds the highest privilege  to which anyone could aspire – to bring honor to the King of Kings. Don’t presume to take tomorrow for granted. Each day is tomorrow’s eve! Live it for the glory of God. 

Thought for the Lord’s Day

Why Christ came to earth, in his own words   Luke’s Gospel, written to gentiles, tells us why Jesus came to earth. His words are a mixture of joy and fear. Joy, because Jesus is my only hope. Fear, because Jesus describes exactly who I am without his mercy.    If you do not think of yourself as a poor, blind slave apart from the grace of Christ, you think too much of yourself and too little of Christ.    In these verses Christ tells us why he came. Praise be to the glorious grace of God!   He went to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and on the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue, as was […]