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Thought for the Lord’s Day

Biblical worship is about transformation. Christian worship is distinct from anything that our “spiritual” culture has to offer. An encounter with the Living God, whether corporately or individually, should be transformational. Conformity to the world’s idea of worship carries the idea of personal enrichment and fulfillment. Biblical worship is nothing of the sort. When we see God for who he is, we cannot remain the same. We are undone, yet we have hope. We must be transformed. Our minds must be renewed so we can embrace the perfect, written will of God for lives.   Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act […]

A Letter from Ruth for the New Year

I am reposting a letter written to our church by my wife, Ruth, in 2010. It was written the day before she had surgery for her brain tumor. She was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, which is the most lethal form of brain cancer. The life-expectancy from diagnosis is 12-14 months. God has chosen to keep Ruth here with us. There was a reoccurrence of the cancer in October of this year. Our doctor at Duke has enrolled Ruth in a vaccine trial which has the goal of training her own immune system to attack the cancer.    This letter gives focus to all of us as we consider how we will spend our time in the upcoming year. Ruth’s attitude […]


Truthfulness is telling information accurately, without exaggerating or misleading. A prayer to teach your children, and yourself, about truthfulness: Lord, help me to be truthful. Sometimes, I am afraid if I tell the truth I’ll get in trouble or someone will be angry with me. Thank you that Jesus died to pay for all the sins of his people. Please give me the courage to please you be being truthful. In Jesus’ name, Amen. This definition and prayer are taken from Get Wisdom!. Though the book is written to instruct young children about biblical wisdom, it reminds us that the things we teach our children are the same things that God wants us to learn and practice.  We struggle with […]

Good Mood, Bad Mood – Available Soon!

The Holiday Season is a season of moods. Thoughts of depression, discontent, and sadness mix together with the parties, presents, and promises of a better new year.  Moods, good or bad, are challenging to understand. Help is on the way! Dr. Charles Hodges has written a compassionate and information packed resource that sheds biblical light on our moods. Shepherd Press is pleased to announce the publication of Good Mood, Bad Mood. Next week we will provide you with details on how you can take advantage of a special pre-publication offer as well as receive a free ebook copy of the book. Until then here are some endorsements for Good Mood, Bad Mood, that should peak your interest: Dr. Hodges has […]


Time as we know it is not eternal, it is created. Before there was time there was God. This is one reason God refers to himself as I Am. God is infinite, he cannot be measured by time. He simply and profoundly is. Time is temporal, having to do with what is temporary.  As Paul says, don’t focus on what is temporary, but focus on eternity.  Faith has to do with eternity. Worry has to do with time.    Something to think about.

The Problem with Earbuds

Technology is amazing. As I am writing this post I have my earbuds plugged in and I am listening to a track of my son playing the piano. That will be followed by another track of a friend playing the cello. Both of these tracks were recorded on my iPhone and then copied on to my computer. If I wish, I can transfer these tracks to my iPod and easily play them anywhere. As I enjoy this music, no one else in the house can hear what I am listening to. Herein lies the problem. My family is not concerned about what I am hearing through the earbuds. If I were a 9 year old or a 14 year old […]

Tomorrow’s Eve

Today is December 24th, Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas. Christmas is a day where everything is, for the most part, carefully planned and eagerly awaited. Christmas Eve is the day when we make sure that tomorrow will be a special day. This, in itself, is well and good. But what about December 27th, or March 12th, or July 8th?    Since each day is a trust given to you by God to serve him, no one day is really more important than any other. Every day holds the highest privilege  to which anyone could aspire – to bring honor to the King of Kings. Don’t presume to take tomorrow for granted. Each day is tomorrow’s eve! Live it for the glory of God. 

Thought for the Lord’s Day

Why Christ came to earth, in his own words   Luke’s Gospel, written to gentiles, tells us why Jesus came to earth. His words are a mixture of joy and fear. Joy, because Jesus is my only hope. Fear, because Jesus describes exactly who I am without his mercy.    If you do not think of yourself as a poor, blind slave apart from the grace of Christ, you think too much of yourself and too little of Christ.    In these verses Christ tells us why he came. Praise be to the glorious grace of God!   He went to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and on the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue, as was […]

Did Prohibition end Alcohol Abuse?

This is an important question. Was alcohol or evil the problem in early 20th Century America? Are guns or evil the problem in early 21st Century America? Evil is a reality that will exist until Christ returns. We live in the time of the Fall. This means that evil actions are certain. Will the elimination of alcohol, vehicles, drugs, or guns end evil? No, the reality is that if even all of these things were made illegal the world would not be a safer place. Why, because evil would still remain. Man would still maim and murder. Legislation will not drive evil from the human heart.    Because of horrific abuse, Congress made the consumption of alcohol illegal. Thus, Prohibition […]