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What love does and does not

We have come to the last of eight negative statements made about love in I Corinthians 13. In verse six a direct contrast is made with delighting in evil and rejoicing in the truth. This has a pointed application to parenting. Here is verse six:   “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”   Parenting has two distinct facets.  The first is the conscious directions, conversations, plans, and activities that you choose to make in an ongoing basis as you raise your children. The second is not nearly as thought out, but much more powerful in what it communicates to your children.  This facet is the way interact with your world and what happens to you […]

Good Mood Bad Mood – Separating theory from fact

Charles Hodges cuts through the medical fog with clear, understandable writing. Good Mood Bad Mood is a compassionate, caring resource that you can trust to shed the light of Scripture on the topic of mood disorders. Here is an exa   “There are many significant problems with the chemical imbalance theory, and they are key to understanding the way diagnoses of mood disorders have increased and evolved in recent years. The first problem is that the chemical imbalance theory of depression is just that—a theory. While the lay literature and the public statements of drug manufacturers seem to indicate that this theory is scientific fact, there has never been a peer-reviewed, published journal article that proves that a serotonin deficiency […]