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Facebook – An Opportunity Lost

We humans are social creatures. Actually, we are driven to be social. In a different day the front porch or the street corner were places to socialize. With the age of electronic communication the front porch became virtual. For a while email was the social choice. But email was specific, you wrote to a particular person of group of persons.  Email turned out to be not very social. Then, one bright young man figured how to create a virtual front porch. He called it Facebook. Now, you can say whatever is on your mind to everyone or to no one in particular. You just hang out on the virtual front porch. People can stop and listen or keep going. The […]

Straight Paths and the Narrow Road of Worship

Jesus directed his followers to pursue him through the narrow gate. The narrow gate opens to a narrow road that leads to life. The narrow gate is not as appealing as the wide gate. The wide gate is the gate that accommodates the crowd. It is the one that offers enticement and intrigue. The wide gate boldly flies it banner – “You only go around once!”  There are many objects worthy of your worship. Enjoy as many as you can.   The narrow gate leads to truth. Instead of a multitude of things to worship, there is only one Who is worthy.  Not surprisingly, few desire such a restriction. Worshiping one God to the exclusion of all others is too […]