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Thought for Lord’s Day

Don’t Hide Christ    This is a busy time of year. Yet we should never be so busy that the wonder of Jesus becomes ordinary to us. Read these two passages of scripture slowly. Think deliberately about them. Then read them to your children. Ask God to overwhelm you with the glorious deeds of Jesus Christ.    HIs birth was just the beginning of his time on earth. He is also creator of the Universe, and the fearsome rider on the white horse. He rules in and over time and stands outside of time. He turns darkness into the light that illuminates the new heavens and earth. He wields the sword which executes his Father’s will and pierces deeply into […]

The Power of Humility

One way to define humility is doing what God wants as opposed to doing what I want. Pride is doing what I want instead of what God commands. To be humble means to consider God before myself. This takes courage and love. The result is the power to live as God commands. As Jesus said. “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” Pray earnestly for the power of humility. Your children will be threatened by your pride, but they will be blessed by your humility.