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Thought for the Lord’s Day

What if you could see Jesus standing next to you?   What if you could physically see Jesus next to you when:   you participated in corporate worship?  you argued with your spouse?  you disciplined your children? you were upset about being treated unfairly? you were tempted to lust? you had the opportunity to read your bible or watch your favorite TV show? well… you get the idea.   Would your typical responses to any of these scenarios change if you could see Jesus Christ standing with you? If the answer is yes to any of these then your faith and your belief in the Bible is seriously lacking.    These are hard words for me to write because they […]

Patience and complaining don’t mix

Complaining is the opposite of patience.  Complaining puts the focus of your life squarely on one person – you! There are many ways to complain, some subtle and some painfully obvious. Ultimately complaining means that God is unreliable and not worthy of trust. Ugh! Not a pretty picture. Complaining indicates that you know what is best about what should be happening in your life. The truth is that you do a really poor job of caring for yourself. So when someone says you need to take care of yourself first, you are getting really bad advice. So instead of being consumed about what is wrong with your life, your world, your job, your spouse, your children, your sports team, your […]