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Raising your kids in a world that hates Christ

Biblical Christianity is equated with hatred in this world. While God the Father, God the Holy Spirit, the Bible, and church are easily dismissed, Jesus Christ, the Savior, is a real problem in the world your children will inhabit. Redemption is said to come from within. So, you just forgive yourself for what you have done. But others will not see the need for soul-searching. Since we live in a world determined by evolutionary currents, there is nothing left but to go with the flow. In contrast, Jesus Christ means we are guilty and there is not a thing any human can do about it apart from the grace of God. Thus, your children will enter a world that has […]

God’s mercy and your worship

  Suppose you received mercy from God proportionate to the mercy you display to others. Not a comforting thought is it? Actually, it is a disturbing thought! But is it disturbing enough to result in repentance? Today is a day we set aside for corporate worship. You will praise God for his mercy. But will your praise result in you being more merciful? If if doesn’t then your praise will be empty and self-serving. God doesn’t call you to worship just so you can have a moving experience. He calls you to worship that leads to repentance. He calls you to be merciful as he is merciful. God’s mercy is a sign of greatness. Thus worship is a response to […]