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Job: Protected by his emotions & love of God

The things in life that Job held dear were gone in a moment. Job was a man of great faith and he had a deep love for God. He was in daily prayer for the spiritual well-being of his children. Because he feared God with a holy, reverent fear, his emotional response to evil was to turn from it rather than consider it or embrace it. Job’s emotions worked for him rather than against him. When Job was crushed by devastating losses of property and life he turned to the worship of his God. Worship is not a common response to searing pain in life. But Job’s love and awe of God was deeply engraved upon his heart. The very […]

Teenage lives matter

The world’s culture appeals directly to the flesh. It does not ask permission from parents to tempt their teenagers. Apart from the work of the Holy Spirit, the flesh is an intimate gateway for the world’s temptations. The message that the world gives seeks to discredit the biblical message that Christian parents offer. Galatians 5:19-21 & Proverbs 9 teach that the teenager’s flesh willingly listens to the world’s message of subversion. Parents, you must be aware of this warfare! Your call for your teenagers to be pure may be met with a scoffing, mocking world that already has an “in” with your teenager. “But my teenager has made a profession of faith,” you protest. But the battle against the flesh goes […]