Job: Protected by his emotions & love of God

The things in life that Job held dear were gone in a moment. Job was a man of great faith and he had a deep love for God. He was in daily prayer for the spiritual well-being of his children. Because he feared God with a holy, reverent fear, his emotional response to evil was to turn from it rather than consider it or embrace it. Job’s emotions worked for him rather than against him.

When Job was crushed by devastating losses of property and life he turned to the worship of his God. Worship is not a common response to searing pain in life. But Job’s love and awe of God was deeply engraved upon his heart. The very idea of not honoring and worshiping God was abhorrent to him. This awesome fear was something that Job cultivated in his life, and at this moment of his greatest hurt and emotional pain, his life-long fear and love for God drove him to God. Job’s emotions worked to protect him rather than devastate him.

Job’s emotions protected and guided him when he spoke of the horrific losses in his life. He knew the source of the good things that he had been blessed with. He knew that he deserved none of these things. He acknowledged the sovereign power of God over all of his life. His words came from a deeply emotional response that was firmly grounded upon his confidence in the unshakable character of God. Job’s emotion flowed from his faithful understanding of the truth of God. Thus, Job spoke of reality as it is – naked he came into the world and naked he would return. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.

These truths were at the core of his being, deeply implanted in his heart. Then Job responded to these sustaining truths with a heart that was broken and full of emotion: Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

From the first two chapters of Job we learn much about how we are to value God in our lives. There is a wonderful truth here for God’s people about how to view all the events of life. We are to fear God and shun evil with every fiber of our being. This is the closest we can come to viewing the world that is real, both the seen and the unseen.

As you face the hard, devastating challenges of life or as you face the wonderful blessings of life may Job’s words bring comfort and peace to you.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away – blessed be his name.

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