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School, your daily routine and God.

School is starting. This means the daily chase is on, again. Recognize all that happens in your travels are superintended by the hand of God. Each traffic light that works, each car that passes by, each person you meet on your journey is part of the decreed will of God for your life. Mobility has become a routine part of life. School schedules, soccer practice, music lessons, field trips, vacations, and a myriad of other events require mobility. Today this mobility has become routine. This is huge. Occasionally, you will hear someone ask for God’s protection for travel for a really long trip.  But when was the last time that you heard a prayer request for travel to and from […]

Anger, a sign of weakness

I was reminded today that human anger is a sign of weakness. Just to be clear, I understand there are times for righteous anger. We could all stand to experience more of this type of anger. But this post is not about righteous anger. It is about the anger that deceives, that makes you think your anger is justified.  So when a child, a teenager, a spouse, or a coworker crosses an arbitrary line we feel totally justified by an angry response. Our flesh screams unfair! Angry words of self-defense and accusation flow freely from our lips. This sort of language and rationalization will receive a hearty amen from the Satanic cheering section. We think we have been strong, when […]