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Jesus talks about the stock market

Two thousand years ago Jesus had important counsel about your savings. He challenged a rich, successful farmer not to think that earthly savings provided security. He went on to say that there is treasure that will never fail, that cannot be stolen or destroyed. Jesus did not condemn the acquiring of physical wealth, but he did say that there is treasure that is superior to what can gained by earthly means. He urged his followers to have purses that will never wear out. The Apostle Paul echoed Christ’s words when he warned in I Timothy 6 that wealth is uncertain, so don’t place your hopes on earthly treasure. Global markets are losing billions of dollars in value. Perhaps the markets […]

Where does your help come from?

There plenty of things in life that are scary. For a moment, imagine that you traveling on foot at twilight on your way to Jerusalem almost 3,000 year ago. The last part of your journey is a climb through steep hills. There are long, dark shadows as sunset approaches. On each side of you there are countless places where robbers and wild animals may be waiting to attack. This is the scene Israelites faced as they went up to Jerusalem to worship on one of the appointed feast days. The Psalmist, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, wrote the 121st Psalm to address this very situation! Actually, there are 15 Psalms that are called Psalms of Ascent which were […]