Where does your help come from?

There plenty of things in life that are scary. For a moment, imagine that you traveling on foot at twilight on your way to Jerusalem almost 3,000 year ago. The last part of your journey is a climb through steep hills. There are long, dark shadows as sunset approaches. On each side of you there are countless places where robbers and wild animals may be waiting to attack. This is the scene Israelites faced as they went up to Jerusalem to worship on one of the appointed feast days. The Psalmist, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, wrote the 121st Psalm to address this very situation!

Actually, there are 15 Psalms that are called Psalms of Ascent which were written to prepare God’s people for corporate worship in Israel. Stephen Yuille has written about each of these Psalms in his new book, Longing for Home. While you may not be walking on a dark road with no street lights and no one to call for help, you do face fearful trials and struggles each day. So, you are like those ancient travelers, asking the same question. Where does your help come from?

Pastor Yuille answers this question with comforting wisdom from God’s word. He boldly proclaims, with the Psalmist, that his help comes from the Lord! And, he points out that this is the same Lord who made heaven and earth. Why is the important? Listen to this insight from Pastor Yuille:

“Amazingly, God continues to uphold what he created. The power that produced all things out of nothing preserves all things from returning to nothing. If he were to suspend his influence, the fire wouldn’t burn, the eye wouldn’t see, the Sun wouldn’t shine, the wind wouldn’t blow, the hand wouldn’t move, the bird wouldn’t fly, the grass wouldn’t grow. It is impossible for any part of creation to exist for a moment apart from him.”

Seeing God is the creator of heaven and earth brought comfort to those going up to worship. God is the ultimate source of help! The same is true today. No matter what fears you may face, financial fears, health concerns, natural disasters, your help comes from God who created heaven and earth! What a blessing.

Shepherd Press invites you to look at Stephen Yuille’s encouraging examination of the Psalms of Ascent. Here is real help for times of trouble as well as your own personal journey through life. Each of these 15 Psalms comes alive as you read through this book.

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Where does your help come from?

Longing for Home

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