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Interview with Paul Tautges

“Just what is it the pastor is supposed to be doing? What ought to be his goals? We’re talking to Paul Tautges about his new book, Discipling the Flock: A Call to Faithful Shepherding. It’s brief, it’s to the point, and its massively important. We encourage you to get a copy for yourself and for all your church leaders.” Interview with Paul Tautges, author of DISCIPLING THE FLOCK: A CALL TO FAITHFUL SHEPHERDING Follow the link above to read the interview with Paul Tautges at Books at a Glance.        

The Performance Trap

The gospel is about grace; School is about performance. The gospel is about receiving compassion; School is about earning grades. The gospel is about resting in the power of Christ in failure; School is about trying to avoid the shame of failure. The gospel is about acceptance in Christ regardless of performance; School is about gaining acceptance because of performance. Skilled and caring teachers and parents will work hard to bridge the gap illustrated by these contrasts. However, it is important to grasp that children can easily think that performance is more important than the gospel. There is a biblical balance to be deployed when considering the tension between the gospel and performance. The balance is found in believing that […]