A December Prayer

Dear Father, grant that I would be blown away by the gift of your son to me. Grant that this season of “gift-giving” would not blind the eyes of my heart from the one gift that matters.

If not for the gospel, all gifts would be nothing more than bribes and tokens of appeasement. If not for the gospel, there would be no selflessness. If not for the gospel, I would only give to get. If not for the gospel, I would obsess on what I think I deserve and despair over what I do not have.

Father, I ask that your church would love the gospel message so much that we would become salt and light to those around us. I ask that I would love the message of Christ so that I would add to your reputation here on earth.

Jesus is the great gift, he is the great message, he is the great hope, he is the great God.  I pray that your Spirit would illumine the beauty of your word to my needy heart. In Christ, I truly have everything that I need. In Christ, I live in green pastures. In Christ, my soul is at rest. May I give this gift, this one true gift to those you have placed in my life, just as you have given it to me.

Dear Father, my you grant this request in the name of your Son through the power of your Spirit. Amen.

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