A Prayer for Your Family for the Nations

Based on Psalm 67

O Lord, our great God, we ask that you would look upon us with your favor. We ask that you would bless us with the amazing privilege of making your great name known to all who dwell on the earth.

Father, the world longs for relief from the burdens of this life, but the world does not know where to turn for help.  Would you, O Lord, pour out your Spirit upon us so that we will bring the good news of your salvation to all the peoples of the earth? Would you bless us in this way?

Our earnest and passionate prayer is that the peoples of the earth would bring praise to you. Father, what a blessing it would be to hear the peoples, the nations of earth, praise you for who you are.

We long to hear the people of earth praise you for your goodness, mercy and justice. May the people of all of nations see and believe that you do judge fairly and that you do guide all the nations in ways that are good.  May they come to rejoice in you instead of seeking the praise of man.

Father, we long to hear the praises of your name shouted across the lands of our world!

May you, Our great God and King, be so gracious and merciful that all the peoples of earth would joyfully sing praises to you.

Repentance is a sweet aroma to you. May this aroma rise to you from every nation, tribe and tongue. May this aroma of repentance yield a harvest among the nations.

Would you bless us O Lord, that we as a church, may help to produce a full and rich harvest of those who have been born again to a living hope?

May all of the people of earth be transformed by your grace to sing the marvelous praises of you, our great God and King; of you our great God and Savior. O Father would you bless us in this way?

Would you bless us beyond all that we could expect or imagine, so that all of the earth, to its remotest end, would bow in love and fear of you?  May the name of Christ Jesus your Son be on the lips of peoples throughout the earth.

May you alone be feared and worshipped. O Father, let us not rest until all of the peoples of earth bring praise to you.  Father we ask that you hear our prayer, for it is made in the name of your Son, Jesus.


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